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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer Dreaming

The weather reports say that this is a record breaking summer.   Hot summer days put me in mind of travelling, especially the leisurely sort of travelling of yesteryear.  While out and about this weekend, I spied something on the "free pile" that made me stop and take a second look.  For some reason, I've always hankered after a vintage train case.  There is something so very ladylike about carrying a train case while stepping forth on one's travels, preferably via first class on a locomotive or luxury liner.

Do you remember the movie, "Out of Africa"?  After I saw it, I was obsessed with the Edwardian safari look.  This train case makes me think of exotic travel to foreign lands and gazing at wondrous, wild animals.

I think, though, it is better to turn one's thoughts to cooler climes and things that evoke cooler temperatures.  I do find that I tend towards the colour white during the summer months.  I picked up a little white Wedgwood vase which is to be seen below on the left.  I admit that I have a great fondness towards white vases.  There is something so serenely classical about them.

The Wedgwood vase joins my collection of Kosta Boda snowballs and other white china pieces.  Looking at this mantel top, I realized that I simply cannot resist vintage Scandinavian art glass, especially the snowballs and pick them up whenever I'm out "saling".  Just looking at them makes me think of frosty, chilly snow.  Here's a Swedish polar bear gamboling with a couple of snowballs.

Even this pair of Swedish glass giraffes, those denizens of the hot savannah plain, make me think of ice and snow especially when rendered in glass.

What are you dreaming of this summer?

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Vintage Man Style

Thank you so much for all of your well wishes and prayers in my last post.  I do think that your prayers created an invisible safety net of support that means so much to us.  There isn't much to say when one's partner says, "I am so very, very tired."  Tired of illness, of pain and the betrayal of one's body.  My heart squeezes tight and I search for something to say besides talk of doctors' visits and tubes and needles.  I was out yardsaling when I saw something that made me stop and hesitate.  Monsieur was so supportive over my vintage Redman picnic basket find but I had begun to think that many of my finds weren't very masculine.  I wanted so very much to bring home something that was "Vintage Man Style," something that would be all his.  So what did I find?

A vintage metal picnic cooler by Thermos!  There is something about the hunter green that makes me think of lazy summer days with not a care in the world.  At the moment it is sitting in a corner of our home holding up a collection of potted plants.

It makes me think of Spring and Summer, the seasons of growing things.  The large plant in the middle is a basil plant which is under Monsieur's care.  There is nothing like fresh basil in a salad or pasta.

Of course, after all that exertion with tending plants, one needs a cool breeze.  Looking more closely at the picnic cooler, I have to say that I adore the sturdy latch and handles.

One must reward oneself, on a hot summer day, with delicious ripe strawberries.  Monsieur is quite pleased with his "Vintage Man Style" cooler.  Mission accomplished, don't you think?

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