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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Frame Me Up a.k.a. My First Time Spray Painting

I have another shocking "first" to share with you.  I've never spray painted before!  The impetus that caused me to pick up a can of spray paint for the very first time was the sad state of my bathroom mirrors in the guest and ensuite bathrooms.  They were ordinary plate mirrors that were glued to the wall.  Removing them for fancy-pants framed mirrors would have meant smashing them off the wall.  And I very much wanted some way of fancying up the bathrooms as neither of them had windows and so no natural light source.
Here is the guest bathroom mirror as it's former unadorned self:

I purchased two lengths of moulding,  a can of Rustoleum Spray Paint in Hammered Silver and a tube of adhesive from Home Depot.  Total cost was under $30.  As it was my very first time, my technique got better as I went along.  Long, even, sweeps worked well.  I did find that, more than 2 coats, and the hammered effect was lost.
Here are both mirrors all fancied  and framed up:


For under $30, this is a whole lot of fancy.

After it was all done, I admit I had a Titanic moment when I wanted to shout "I'm Queen of the World!" whilst waving victoriously the spray can in one hand.   But this could have been the paint fumes talking.  My euphoria almost equalled the high I felt on using a power tool (an electric staple gun) for the very first time which you can read about here.  Sigh, another milestone reached.  I wonder what's next?

And if you want to know how is it that there are so many "firsts" with me then go to the "About L'Heure Bleue At Home" tab wherein you will learn all about a 6'4" man throwing a tantrum in my living room, my vintage things hanging their heads in shame and 70's brown polyester curtains.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Come On In, Take A Seat

I have a confession to make that will shock all the semi-pro DIY'ers out there.  Before this year, I had never owned or operated a power tool!  Yes, never!  The impetus that, ultimately, changed this grievous state of affairs was a vintage table and set of 4 chairs that my father bought many years ago.  I was never very fond of it as it was a little too "country" for me and I secretly wanted something more "rock and roll".  Lately, I have grown more fond of it because it has so many memories of family dinners embedded in it.  And now that we are all grown and scattered to the four winds, this little set has found its home with me.  Do you have pieces that evoke such memories for you?  The problem was that the upholstery looked decidedly drab.  So I took the plunge, bought an electric staple gun after quizzing the clerk at Rona for 15 minutes, picked out a lovely retro-inspired fabric, new batting and set to work.  Here is a chair that's been recovered beside one that hasn't.

And yes, I emerged unscathed with my fingers intact.  While the table still remains its original humble self, it has a mighty secret.  Inside its belly is cunningly concealed an extra leaf that swings up and out so that the table can seat 6.  How clever is that?

Do you think I should repaint the set or keep it the original duck egg blue?  The paint work is in fairly good condition but it is obvious that the set has been well enjoyed and has come by its "distressing" honestly.  Should I paint it white?  Or go for modern glam black?  Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.
I admit that I had so much fun with my staple gun  that, after I was done, I wanted to run around the house stapling everything!  Now I know why the boys love their tools so much!

I think this little country table and chairs is ready for another twenty years of memories, don't you?

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Heart Of A Dragon

Do you remember the lyrics to this lullaby?

Hush, little baby, don't say a word. Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird won't sing, Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring
And if that diamond ring turns brass, Papa's gonna buy you a looking glass

Whenever Father's Day rolls around, I find myself thinking of what my father has given me instead of what I should give him.  For example, one time, as I was putting together my home office, I thought that I needed something imposing and majestic that would gaze at my office protectively and give me the necessary verve to do my work.  But what?  For some reason, I thought of the masses of fairy tales and stories that my father used to read to me as a child.  So, naturally, I asked my father for a dragon.  Really, I had no idea what this dragon would look like and didn't think my father would be able to find me one that wasn't a stuffed toy when, one day, he telephoned me and said he had something for me.  It was my very own dragon.

And it was every bit as majestic, beautiful and imposing as I dreamed it would be.

Now I am thinking that, next time, I will ask for my very own knight in shining armour on a beautiful horse.

And, every time I look at it, I think of a father who was asked by his daughter to find her a dragon and without a word, found her heart's desire.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lady In Red

Serendipity is such a lovely, enticing word.  Whenever I hear that word, my heart is lightened because it’s a reminder that you just never know what could be waiting for you around the next bend in the road.  This week Serendipity smiled and brought forth 4 vintage chairs which were sitting curbside with a sign attached that said, “Free.”  And I must say there is nothing more thrilling to a thrifty person than free!
They were already painted white with seats upholstered in red toile.   There is something so charming  about toile with its bucolic scenes of ladies and gentleman en provence.
And even though they were free, the sight of these chairs with their ladies in red make me feel just like them, a grand chatelaine of a stately country home.
Do you think the seats should be reupholstered or left as is?  Ladies in red, stripes, floral or paisley?  Here are some contenders.  Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

all via Tonic Living

Serendipity, you make me feel like life is a bowl of sweet, sweet cherries!

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