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Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Little Light

Have you noticed that the addition of just one thing in your home can set off a domino effect of change?  With the addition of a new dresser, this meant some rearranging of furniture.  A dresser that had formally been in the bedroom was moved out in a hallway.  This hallway is a challenging space as it has no windows so there is no source of natural light.  Any sort of decor attempt tends to get lost in the gloom.  Whatever is placed there needs to be able to shine in the dark.  As well, I do prefer a sense of uncluttered calm.   I have to say that the blank canvas that was the dresser top was a little unnerving.  So much space!  So much choice!  What to do?  Luckily I had recently thrifted four Festivo candle holders which had been on my wish list for a while. So on one corner, they went.

To thrift four of these candleholders at once was a wonderful experience.  It was the first time I had ever held one in my hands.  They are wonderfully heavy and the textured surface gives the glass a surprisingly tactile feel.  Even though I loved the simplicity of the grouping of twinkly glass candleholders and the subtle way they echoed the crystal knobs of the dresser, I thought that it all looked a little too spartan.  Then this weekend, I thrifted a little white ceramic lamp.

It was the second day of a sale so I was able to pick it up for a few dollars.  I adore the lamp's curvilinear lines.  For some reason, I have been obsessed with vintage lamps and white ceramic lamps in particular lately.

It is always evening in that hallway and, when turned on, this little fellow gives the space a sense of intimacy.

 It came with a ruched pale blue shade which is in good condition.  I'm not too sure about the ruching as it seems a little too frou-frou for me.  Please advise.  Would you keep the shade or change it out?  And if you were to change it out, what colour would you pick? A minty green to echo the watercolour paintings or a bright teal blue to make it "pop"?  Any advice would be appreciated!

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Affordable Luxe

I have heard it said that luxury is expensive.  And, up until now, I believed it to be true.  Back in my woefully ignorant past, I thought that one could only buy furniture in a big box store for big store prices.  I am embarrassed to even say how much I paid for my bedroom set.  I realized recently, while staring at the mountains of clothing that were being stored "temporarily" in suitcases, that we were in dire need of another dresser.  But paying full retail for a quality dresser was just not within the realm of possibility. And so the night before going out "saling", I made a heartfelt wish for an affordable dresser.  The next day, I saw a tallboy dresser that had me do a double take.  I recognized it as from the same line of furniture as my bedroom set so I knew that, new, it's retail price was well over four figures.  After a bit of an internal struggle over its merits (affordable at well under $100, made of maple, made in Canada) and a bit of haggling with the owner,  this tallboy came home with us.

It is across from the master bed.  Now I know that it isn't "done" to have matchy-matchy furniture sets but the room does look so polished & together now.   Besides the extra storage, looking at it first thing in the morning makes me extraordinarily happy,  I think it reminds me that wishes, even small, frivolous ones, are heard and granted.  

It really is a tallboy as it is just under 5 feet tall with deep, spacious drawers.  No excuse now for haphazard piles of clothes any more.  Looking at the tablescape makes me happy as well.  Beribboned padded bulletin boards are one of those crafter/DIY "musts" that fly around with regularity on the blogosphere.  The problem was that I never seemed to get around to making one.  And then what do I see while out saling?  A padded, bulletin board crisscrossed not just with ribbon the exact shade of lilac as my pillowcases but studded with twinkly rhinestone buttons as well!  I figured the $3 price tag was less than the cost of materials and well worth sparing this crafter neophyte hours of hairpulling frustration.

Funnily enough, even though my taste has been veering more and more in the direction of vintage of late, especially Art Deco and MCM, I don't have a lot of vintage things on the dresser except the paperweight.  Well, I suppose one can't really count the geode which is as old as the planet.  I guess there aren't too many vintage-y things that are lilac or lavender.

My growing obsession with vintage paperweights is a story for another day.  For now, all I will say is that  it is possible to have lovely, beautiful things in one's life even on a shoestring budget.  Luxury really is affordable and within reach.


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