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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Gold Christmas Silver Christmas

I have been longing for some formal glassware for some time now.  There is a certain person in my household with what I like to call "butter fingers."  I've lost count of the number of glasses that have slipped through his hands and smashed to a million pieces on the floor.  And what do I end up with?  A cupboard of mismatched glasses.  Entertaining usually means a scramble to come up with a selection of glasses that look halfway decent on the table.  Imagine my delight when I came across a set of six rocks and six tall tumblers of Culver glassware in the Cranberry Scroll pattern.

I've always preferred simple, clear, cut crystal in the past but something about the deep red windows and the unabashedly glamorous gilding has me in love.

And then if that was not enough, on the same thrift outing, sitting beside this wondrous set was it's metallic opposite, a set of six silver fade roly poly glasses and a dozen silver fade tall tumblers.

All of a sudden I am inundated with a plethora of choice.  Should I choose a gold Christmas setting or a silver Christmas setting? 

 The gold, so very Hollywood Regency or the Silver Fade, so very Mad Men?  It doesn't help that I have a pair of vintage brass deer and pair of vintage silver deer, all thrifted.  Which would you choose?
And now I leave you with something that has nothing to do with being designer-y and colour coordinated when setting a Christmas table and everything to do with just revelling in colour.

Yes, a vintage Christmas tablecloth!  What could be more delightful than pinecones, poinsettia, holly berries and candles?  Here is another vintage tablecloth to dazzle the eyes.

Because if you can't revel in colour at Christmas, when can you?  Here's wishing you a Wonderful, Joyful and Colourful Christmas!

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