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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Vintage Bar Styling

Lately, I have been obsessing over setting up a vintage inspired bar.  Considering a half glass of champagne on New Year's Eve amounts to my yearly intake of alcohol, my latest obsession may be a bit ludicrous.  It's not the drinking out of vintage stemware that has me staring at beautiful photos on vintage blogs but the idea of it.  Does this make sense?  Or maybe I have been watching too much Mad Men.  Is it possible to watch too much Mad Men?  When I saw this incredibly glamorous bar cart at Williams Sonoma, I was staggered.

Do you see the collection of silver band glassware on top?  I'm not sure if Dorothy Thorpe glassware is still in production or has been reissued but they look very much like Dorothy Thorpe glassware and are banded on the inside rim as well.

Unfortunately, the approximately $1,100.00 CDN price tag for the bar cart is so not in my budget.  I decided to slowly put together a bar on a very thrifty budget.  It was not just going to be vintage-inspired, it was going to be vintage.  An Art Deco dresser tucked into a corner of the dining room stood in for a bar cart.  Without quite realizing it, I have begun collecting vintage Culver glassware.  It all started with thrifting a set of Cranberry Scroll just in time for Christmas.  There is something so over the top glamorous about Culver's patterns.

I've mentioned the brass pineapple before.  It's actually an ice bucket and, somehow, having a crazy brass pineapple lends itself to a Hollywood Regency style bar.

Only recently did I thrift the vintage bar tools and shakers.  They are all sitting on an Ernest Sohn teak bar sized chopping board.  I was thrilled to find a set of Culver Valencia glasses the other weekend.  They are just so pretty in real life.

The tall tumblers behind the Valencia glasses are Chantilly.  Oh no, I think I've started another collection!

Monsieur likes the Valencia pattern the best.  Which one do you like the best?  Or do you prefer simple, clear glassware?

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