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Thursday, 25 October 2012

A Tailored Bathroom

Recently,  I was hit by a realization so simple and obvious that I felt, most embarrassingly, like the most ignorant of would-be home decorators.  This all started when my discontent towards a certain metallic gray shower curtain reached a peak.  The tiles are an unremitting gray and the same gray in the shower curtain meant, far from presenting a pleasing continuity to the eye, instead emitted a terrible dullness.  It didn't help that the bathroom doesn't have a window so there is no source of natural light to perk up the gray dullness. At this point, retiling is not an option so there was nothing to do except play around with accessories.   So off to Ikea, Monsieur and I went, to look for a new shower curtain.  My current curtain was Ikea's Saltgrund:

It is innocuous in and of itself but not paired with a gray tiled floor and a gray tiled shower stall.  I had taken a peek at their online catalogue and had my eye on either Farglav:
or Uddgrund:

I was particularly taken with the crisp black and white graphics of both which I thought would leap out in the natural light deprived bathroom.  Would you like to know which one I chose?
Even though I was leaning towards Uddgrund, the crisp tailored simplicity of Farglav with its black borders won me over.

Which one would you have chosen?  And then I succumbed to Ikea's plethora of choice and decided that new towels were in order as well.  Monsieur picked out the black towels and I must give kudos to him for such an inspired choice.  Funny, I have been a white fluffy towel kind of girl for a long time and, if you had asked me a few days ago to consider black towels for the bathroom, I would have looked at you in appalled horror.  But somehow the black towels looked "just right" with the clean lines of the shower curtain.  And when it was all hung up, I realized that subconsciously I had, all along, had my inspiration as this,

It's been hanging on a wall on the bathroom all this time.

I do adore the mimicry between the black border of the frame and the black borders of the curtain.

So, what was my realization?  It was that the shower curtain acts as a fourth wall, an accent wall.  And, unlike an actual wall, it is incredibly easy to change out if one realizes one has made a "mistake" as I did.  Although, I have always believed that there is no such thing as a mistake in life if it leads to something better.

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