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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Copper Crush

Spring has finally sprung!  Are you like me and am welcoming sunny days with open arms?  Do you find that with warmer weather comes the urge to clean and organize?  I have vowed to be a lot more streamlined and organized this year and have been a lot more judicious with what I bring back home.  But when I saw this vintage Stelton carafe, I couldn't resist.  It's definitely one of my favourite thrift finds ever.

It is hard to believe that this is an MCM piece as it looks so, well, cool.  I am in love with its iconic rocker stopper.  I have said it before but clever, well thought out design always leaves me in awe. Obviously, my obsession with vintage barware continues.  I think it will pair very well with my vintage silver fade roly poly's, don't you? (And no, I still haven't figured out how to photograph highly reflective surfaces without keeping me out of the photo).

I think I must have had Stelton carafes on my mind as I happened to be in the Bay's flagship store on Queen Street when I saw the Stelton carafe on a little shelf down in the basement.  The basement of all places!  I didn't realize that well known brands like Jonathan Adler have a small space showcasing their wares down in the basement.  There are lots of interesting quirky brands housed down there as well.  Anyway, the carafe was in a gorgeous copper.  I don't think a photo really captures how pretty it looks in real life.

Right below it were some copper mugs.

As soon as I got home, I hopped on to the Stelton website.  The carafe is still being produced and is properly known as a vacuum jug and comes in lots of colours.

I have to admit that I am late to the copper bandwagon.  It doesn't have the over the top glamour of brass or the cool minimalism of stainless steel but falls somewhere in the middle.  There is no doubt that a plethora of brass in the house can read as kitschy.  There is a warm elegance to copper that is hard to deny.  Then I read on a well known decor blog that they were sick of copper and wished it would go away.  What?!  I have only just discovered copper.  I hope it doesn't go away just yet, at least not before I have found some more pretty copper things.  This mirror at Anthropologie caught my eye.

via Anthropologie.com

And recently, in an effort to move away from teflon cookware, I discovered ceramic cookware and picked up a gorgeous frypan at Bed Bath and Beyond.

via Bed Bath and Beyond

The frypan is lined in white ceramic and has a copper coloured exterior.  Let's face it, copper cookware looks dynamite in a kitchen but the cost is prohibitive.  This line of cookware from Denmark Tools for Cooks features a faux copper exterior and is much for affordable.  The contrast against the white interior is quite eyecatching.  I will be writing soon about my experience with ceramic lined cookware so stay tuned for that.  What do you think of copper?  Yay or nay?  Do you prefer brass or the stainless steel?  Or do you stay away from metallics all together?

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