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Monday, 26 September 2011

Industrial Chic in the Autumn

Industrial chic is a term that has been much bandied about of late.  While I have never been one to adhere blindly to the current trend or fad, I confess that I have fallen victim to it's appeal especially when there is a deliberate collision between the hard and the soft.  There is a neighbourhood nearby that has a yearly community yard sale as part of a general neighbourhood festival.  The main street is cordoned off so that one is forced to park at a distance and then walk.  Monsieur, who had never attended, was kind enough to accompany me.  I saw this rusty, crusty, fireplace grate plonked unceremoniously in a drive way and was captivated immediately by its aged charm. 

Monsieur was even more captivated and decided that he had to have it.  I, however, after trying to lift a corner of it above the pavement and being unable to budge it by even one percent of a millimeter, voiced strong doubts. 

Do you know how wonderful it is to have a co-conspirator who indulges my whims and fancies?  Monsieur is just such a one.  I, whilst appreciating Monsieur's enthusiasm, wished very much for my co-conspirator to remain up right rather than prostrate, bent into a U-shape for the rest of his days, from the Herculean effort of hauling what amounted to two metric tonnes of cast iron to the car which was parked many, many blocks away and so laughed with incredulity at the confident suggestion that transportation would be a breeze.

But Monsieur would not be gainsayed and after a certain amount of strategic negotiating on Monsieur's part, $30 exchanged hands. The owner very kindly gave us a trolley with the proviso that it was "garbage" and the wheels "don't work."  He was right.  After 10 steps, the plastic wheels and spokes gave up the ghost from their crushing burden and everything swayed precariously to one side, nearly crushing us as well.

Monsieur ended up carrying it the rest of the way.  I will not describe this feat except to say that I witnessed the impossible.  I am not sure whether to applaud his stubborn determination, kiss him for recklessly indulging my fancies, be a little less vocal in the future in my admiration of heavy objects, or request that his head be examined.

So now, here it sits front and center, proudly crowned with Autumn's harvest and wreathed in the Autumnal colours that are Monsieur's favourites.

Every day, Monsieur's admiration for the grate grows and grows doubtless in part because it bears testament to man's triumph over metal.  And I admit that my admiration for his heart felt enthusiasm and never ending support grows daily as well.

Jann at A Daily Cup From Mrs. Olson  awarded me a Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank you so very much.  I have to share 7 things about myself which are as follows:
1) I drink a cup of green tea every morning.  It is a little ritual that helps me get started with my day.
2) I like learning new things.
3) I am acknowledged to be a slow eater but, when it comes to Monsieur's cooking, I can polish off my   plate quite speedily.
4) I adore furbabies.
5) I am a dreamer yet have a practical side.
6) One of my best friends has been my friend since we were in Grade One.
7) I buy a newspaper once a week just for the weekly TV listings insert.  

I am supposed to pass the award on to 10 other bloggers who are as follows:

 All of them are wonderful blogs. Please take a peek!


Jann Olson said...

Hey girl,
It was fun getting to know you a bit better. Loved the bit of info. I've heard that green tea is so good for you. I should try drinking it more often.

Jann Olson said...

Had to come back and tell you that your grate story hit close to home. I bought an iron-rite, (not knowing what it was) just loved that it was metal and had a sweet motif on the front. Thought it would be great for a serving table under the pergola. When I took hubby back to pick it up it was one heavy bugger! It has this humongeous concealed industrial iron underneath. Needless to say, we needed more help. Glad your hubby was in for the haul. It looks so cute all decked out for Autumn.

beachcomber said...

love the rustic plant container! thanks so much for the award!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I'm honored to be mentioned here, Chloe! Thanks so much! I had to laugh at your story of getting your cast iron home. There are so many fantastic things I've wanted that were just impossible to get home! Glad you got it! It looks terrific!

lvroftiques said...

Well I'm with your husband on this one *winks* I would've found a way to drag it home one way or another myself! What a cool find!

BTW I really enjoy your writing style and I also start my day with a cup of green tea *winks* Vanna/your newest follower

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