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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Valentine's Day Glitter Boxes

Have you recovered from the Festive Season?  My mother's birthday is in January and, by the time, it arrives, I am clean out of ideas and cash.  And then following on the heels of January birthdays is Valentine's Day.  It's hard to believe that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling a little stretched right now in terms of budget and creativity.  As luck would have it, I had saved a couple of cute heart shaped boxes in my craft stash.  They used to hold chocolates and I held on to them because I loved their shape. But any fun shaped little box will do. I had some vintage glitter on hand as well.

What I did was brush white glue on to the top as I wanted to cover up the label.  Then, just sprinkle madly with glitter.  Warning:  while lots of fun, inevitably, you will get glitter everywhere.  Then, shake off the excess.

I had a can of spray on adhesive but I found that, for such a small surface area, a brush and glue was more effective.  However, if after shaking off the excess, you see any bald spots, trying to add on more glue with a brush can be messy so this is where a quick spritz of adhesive is convenient.  I didn't do anything to the sides as luckily, the colours go with a Valentine's Day theme and didn't have any labels to cover up.  As they used to hold chocolates, they were clean on the inside.  But you might want to line your boxes with parchment if you want to place food items inside.  Now, they are perfect for hiding sweet treats or a little present.

Luckily, I had picked up a couple of monogram mugs from the Boxing Day Sales.  The 'Q' mug is for Monsieur and the 'C' mug is for me of course.  I do wish the font of the 'C' was like the font of the 'Q' instead of cursive but that's just me being picky.  There's an upper case letter on one side and a lawer case letter on the other side.  Perfect for sharing a cup of tea together.
Or, to make your special one feel that extra special, a tray all for him or herself.

Simple, quick and easy (except for chasing after all that glitter), that's my kind of craft!  One of my intentions this year is to try to exercise my creative muscle a bit more.  So, if you have any Valentine's Day creative ideas, tips or crafts to share, please let me know or feel free to share a link in the comments as I need some inspiration!

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Babiole de Windsor said...

Very lovely! I did some similar for Christmas and they were so fun to make. Thanks for checking out my blog today..love the traffic & comments :)

Schotzy said...

what a smart idea!!!! Thanks for visiting my site and have a blessed day!

Jann Olson said...

My house wouldn't be home without a bit of sparkle (glitter). lol! I am always finding a bit of it here and there. The box turned out so sweet. I have two large candy boxes that I have saved over the years. Keep thinking I should do something with them.

Sherry said...

Great idea! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

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