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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Simple Valentine's Day Wishes

Hello Friends!  Valentine's Day is just around the corner and, while a huge part of me still cringes at V Day (Valentine's Day? Pshaw!!  I hate V Day, so commercial, so uncool!), I feel like I should still acknowledge it in some form.  I remember a time when I would pretend not to stare at the lucky girls in the office who would have huge bouquets of flowers delivered to them and who would gossip endlessly (and overly loudly) about their elaborate plans.  Of course, I didn't care but secretly I did care.  Now, I have come to a point in life where something simple like going for a walk, even if arduous and difficult, is meaningful especially when one's partner is disabled.  These days if I were to be given a hugely expensive bouquet, instead of being thrilled to pieces, I would be fretting about the cost, both financial and environmental.  How times have changed!

So here are a few suggestions for a simple, meaningful Valentine's Day celebration:
1) For me, as an English Major, nothing is more meaningful than a heartfelt letter or note.  Tell that special someone all the things that you are too shy/busy/overwhelmed with life to say.
2) My sister always gives me a tin of homemade shortbread every Christmas.  Aside from the fact that they are delicious, the fact that they are homemade makes me appreciate them even more.  So cooking your special someone their favourite food will always be received well.  I have been thinking of a chocolate or cheese fondue.  Yes, a fondue is so stereotypical but, let's face it, it's a no brainer because even a klutz in the kitchen can do it.  What do you think, sweet or savoury?

3) Offer to do a chore.  I am the chief dish washer, laundress, clothes-off-the floor-picker-upper in my household.  An offer to do the dishes for the day (or the week, hint, hint) would thrill me to no end.
4) Give a gift that keeps on giving.  I received this travel tumbler recently.  The  brilliant thing about this gift was that it entitled me to a free coffee or tea at my local coffee shop every day for an entire month!  Amazing!  It was the gift of an experience.  Every day I looked forward to that little bit of me time.  I still bring my tumbler as I get 10 cents off my tea and I avoid the use of a disposable.

Last week, a friend of mine was looking particularly despondent.  When asked what was the matter, he said that he had been dating a girl for about a month.  Operating under the assumption that they were an "item,"  he said to her "Valentine's Day is coming up so I guess we should make plans?"  To which she replied, "I already have plans."  Turns out she had more than one tong in the fire. I know that he will be a glum chum on THAT DAY, thinking about the fact that he is stuck at home alone while she is out partying it up with someone else.  It reminded me of the times when my single girlfriends and I would give each other cards and little gifts on V Day, just to cheer each other up.  I mean, if we could do it in kindergarten, why not as adults?  So this is for all of your single friends or if you are single.
1) A little note saying how much you value their friendship. 
2) If you are single, consider getting together and going out for a coffee or movie or ask them over for a potluck dinner. Schedule a movie night and laugh/cry over all the crazy romantic escapades that you have  endured.  Make Valentine's Day Friendship Day.
3) And if you just want to be alone on Valentine's Day, that's okay too.  If you have a furball, give them an extra cuddle which I am sure you do every day anyway because they are your fur Valentine baby.  Be your own best friend and book some me time.  Get a massage, get your hair and nails done, or go for a relaxing walk because you deserve it.
Do you have any Valentine's Day tips or suggestions?

This week I am linking up with Have A Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson.


Jann Olson said...

Wonderful suggestions! I love Valentines Day, partly because I had a baby born on that day. But, I think it's important to remember that it is not a happy day for everyone. Showing love to friends and carrying it over to make the day be more about loving everyone is a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Art and Sand said...

There is so much hoopla about this one day and of course it is spurred on by businesses that want us to spend money.

My husband and I slept in, didn't buy (or make) cards for one another. We had a leisurely brunch and then took the dog for a walk along the beach into town. We stopped for a drink and slowly walked home because it ended up being 5 miles round trip - we added a little distance to our normal walk and our feet felt it. We both agreed that it was one of the nicest days we have every spent and it didn't involve a single heart!

Thanks for the ideas and for Sharing Your Cup!

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