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Thursday, 13 October 2016

The LBH Weekly Roundup: Buddha and Buddah Pain Relief Cream and Hot Water Bottles

I had the misfortune of straining the rotator cuff in my right shoulder a few weeks ago.  This means that, when I wash my hair or lift my arm to do anything, the jolt of pain sends me straight into the foetal position.  A well meaning friend gave me a jar of Buddha and Buddah Pain Relief Cream to try out.  My friend swore that this was the bomb when dealing with shark week or any other issue involving aches and pains.  The main ingredients are organic shea butter with essential oils but the "magic bullet" is contained in the last two ingredients, tetrahyrocannibinol and cannabidiol.  I will leave you to google what those are but suffice to say I have never gone for a walk on the wild side and my idea of getting crazy is settling down for a marathon viewing of the "Walking Dead."

Still, the alarming greasiness of my hair and my failure to suddenly become left handed meant that I was willing to give it a go.  After several nights of Monsieur massaging it into my shoulder, suffice to say that I felt...nothing.  The pain was still there.  No zen feeling, no meeting of the minds with Buddha, nada.  It was back to my old standby, the hot water bottle.  I love my hot water bottle.  Every Autumn when the hot water bottles arrive in the shops, I obsess over them.  There really is nothing like clutching its warm coziness in the depths of a Canadian winter.  In particular, I do love a hot water bottle that comes with its own sweater as it helps to insulate it and provides a soft surface at the same time.

via chapters.indigo.ca

I have been eyeing this one kitted out with a Fair Isle knit.

via chapters.indigo.ca
And this one with the zigzag knit gives off that 70's afghan vibe but in a much cooler way than your grandma's throw.

Now I am off to press my hot water bottle against my shoulder.

Please note that you should consult your physician regarding pain relief!  This is NOT a sponsored post.

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