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Saturday, 5 November 2016

LBH Eyes On Design: Butler Pantries

A friend of mine is building his dream house.  It will, of course, have a showstopping kitchen.  I underscore "showstopping" as the kitchen will be "for show."  There will be a secret, second kitchen tucked behind the "show kitchen" where the real cooking and all the messiness that that entails will take place.  I am doubtful that this concept of an enfilade of kitchens will ever become a trend (or will it?) but I have noticed the advent of "butler's pantries" infiltrating the home design world.  It seems it is not enough now to have a walk-in pantry for storing all of one's sundry foodstuffs.  The walk-in pantry, once a must have for a family home, has been superseded by a pantry that has a sink, a second dishwasher, possibly an oven and other appliances where one's butler, should one be so lucky to have one, can do all manner of kitchen related menial tasks in privacy.  In this recently renovated condominium, you can see the butler's pantry tucked away to the right of the kitchen.

Image Source: Channel Nine
Pantries aren't just for extra storage anymore!

Image Source:  Channel Nine

This one has an espresso machine and another sink.

I am not sure what to make of this trend.  On the one hand, I am swooning at the thought of all of that extra storage and the ability to tuck away any bulky, unsightly appliances that might not get a lot of daily use.  On the other hand, in this era of open plan living where cooking has entered the arena  of entertainment and has become a commonplace component of socializing, hiding away somewhere to do the prep work seems contradictory.   What do you think?  Yea or nay?

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