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Thursday, 1 December 2016

LBH November Favourites: Kate Spade Tasha Tote Bag

It is time for another Monthly Favourites!  I have only one favourite to highlight this month for reasons I will explain in a bit.  My father gave me my Christmas present early.  It is a Kate Spade tote bag.  I believe the style is called "Tasha Foster Court" in aubergine and rose.

It was a complete surprise.  I love the contrasting lighter interior as it means that I am not madly scrambling for my keys in the gloomy depths.  The deep plummy colour has got me thinking that this could be one of my favourite colours for a winter wardrobe as it is a dark colour that has warmth to it without the starkness of black or the boldness of red.  I must say I adore gifts that are gorgeous, practical and much needed.  Where I live, there are quite a few grocery stores that charge 5 cents per bag as a way to encourage customers to bring their own tote bags.  I have gotten into the habit of bringing a tote bag everywhere I go.  However, I found that my previous one was now too big and cumbersome as I injured the rotator cuff in my right shoulder recently.  And then, because my left shoulder was taking the brunt of the work that my right shoulder used to do (I am righthanded), the left rotator cuff conked out as well.  Shampooing and doing my hair became hard for me.  Putting away the dishes and getting dressed became agonizingly tough.  Most days are spent in a fog as I usually spend the nights tossing and turning in pain.  And yes, typing away on my laptop is arduous and painful.  My doctor says that it could take up to a year to heal.  A year!  If I think too much about it, I will just become overwhelmed.  I have been taking magnesium supplements because I heard it was good for the bones but if you have any suggestions on other vitamin or mineral supplements that would be good for the ligaments and bones, please let me know!

This week I am linking up with Share Your Cup.

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