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Sunday, 5 March 2017

LBH Weekly Roundup: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush and Tarteist Lip Paint

My all time favourite blush, Too Faced Love Flush,  fell on the floor and what was left was reduced to crumbs.

As you can see,  there wasn't much left anyway as I had been diligent about using it up so I wasn't terribly sad when it fell on the floor.  There is an indescribable satisfaction in using something up and avoiding excess and wastage.
Luckily for me, I had just gotten my mitts a couple of days previously on a new Tarte blush in the shade "Paaarty" (yes, it is spelled with three "A's") and a lip paint in "Birthday Suit."  Both are a pinky brown nude shade.  The Tarte blush is supposed to last 12 hours as opposed to Too Faced's 16 hours.  Has anyone compared the longevity of the two?

I do like the fact that my new Tarte blush and lip paint are in travel sizes.  I have been binge watching documentaries on tiny homes and my growing fascination with miniaturizing things has spilled over into makeup.  I would love to have a magical box for making mini's of everything!  No more having to worry about decluttering and trying to cram as much as possible into closets and cupboards already bursting at the seams.  But that is a story for another day.

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