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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Tips For Successful Thrift Store Clothes Shopping: Hilary Radley Quilted Jacket

My love affair with the colour green has been pushed to the forefront lately.  It might have to do with the fact that, after a long dreary winter, I yearn for the sight of delicate grassy tips and unfurling leafy fronds.  If I can't see green in Nature then I look for it in clothes.  Imagine my delight in picking up this preloved Hilary Radley quilted jacket.  It is in my favourite colour of green and is perfect for Spring's changeable weather.  This is my first Hilary Radley jacket.  It is a well respected brand and readily available at department stores and online.  I have had a lot of hits and misses with thrift store shopping.  I admit that, initially, I fell into the trap of buying secondhand because it was so cheap and not necessarily because it was a great fit.  I ended up accumulating a lot of duds that cluttered up my closet.  So here are some tips that I would like to share with you garnered from my forays into thrifting.

1) Check for any type of damage such as holes or stains.  If there are stains, it is quite likely that it was donated because the original owner couldn't remove them.  So look at the stain and ask yourself whether you want to invest your time, effort and money into trying to remove it.  Look for holes, rips or tears and see whether or not they are easily repairable.  A loose button or dropped hem can be easily repaired.  A tear right in the middle of the garment, not so much.

2) Check the fabric, care instructions and construction.  I tend to avoid fabric that requires dry cleaning but you might not care about that.  Is the fabric good quality?  What about the construction?  Is it well sewn?  Garments that have a lot of darts, tailoring and embellishments drives up the labour costs and the eventual original retail price.

3)  Try it on.  Does it fit you?
4)  Is it a style that you like and that flatters you?  Admittedly, you will see a lot of "vintage" styles at the thrift store (this is a nice way of saying "outdated") mixed in with flash of the moment trendy styles.  Keep an eye out for classic styles that don't date.  That said, thrift shopping is a great way to partake in a trendy style without the retail guilt.

If the garment ticks all the boxes, you have found yourself a thrift score!  Now, race to the cash register and enjoy your find!

Do you have any tips you would like to share?

This is not a sponsored post.  

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