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Sunday, 10 September 2017

LBH Weekly Roundup: H & M Mini Haul, Breville Espresso Knock Box

Time for another Weekly Roundup!  In an effort to use up my H & M coupon which was expiring, I steeled myself for the miles of inventory and loud music and went back to H & M.  There is no doubt that it is a little tricky looking for basic clothing that is immune to trends in that emporium of fast fashion so I fell back on a staple piece in my capsule clothing wardrobe which is the cardigan.

I picked up a cotton cardigan in navy instead of black which is what I meant to get as I wasn't quite ready for the starkness of such a winter colour.  Also, I noticed that sizing varies wildly between colours.  A large navy can fit like a medium yellow and a medium navy can fit like a large black.  Sometimes the sizing can vary within colours and shipments as well.  So it is worth your time to try a few of the same size and size up or down as well before giving up.
I picked up a pair of H & M tweezers for Monsieur as he is always "borrowing" my trusty Tweezerman tweezers.  Funnily enough, he likes the H & M ones better because they are slightly wider so more suitable for his man hands.  I hunted around for more grooming tools but there wasn't much else.  I was really surprised to see the tweezers and, if there had been other tools on offer, I would have definitely been interested in purchasing them.
As well, I pick up a nail polish in "Ice Cold Milk" which I thought be good for French manicures or an allover clean look.  It was a bargain $2.00!  For that price, I might go back and pick up a couple more.  Last but not least, I picked up a concealer in Soft Sand.  It was $3.00.  I wanted to do a bargain price comparison between H & M and e.l.f's concealer in Fair.

They both have a similar feel and texture and dry down to a dewy finish.  I like H & M's doefoot applicator a lot better as it is bigger, softer and plushier.  H & M has a wider range of colours so it is easier to find one that is a good match for your skin tone whereas e.l.f only comes in a maximum of 3 shades.  They both last well without creasing.  Overall, I would choose H & M's concealer over e.l.f.
The final entry for this week's Roundup is the Breville Espresso Knock Box.

via Amazon

For years, Moniseur, who is a fierce coffee fiend, would knock out the coffee puck against the side of the kitchen sink.  To my horror, there are now innumerable chips to the very expensive granite counter as a result (sob, sob).  And then I discovered the Knock Box!  It is a stainless steel bucket with a bar across the top for tapping or knocking out the coffee grinds.  Ha!  I didn't even know that knock boxes were a "thing"! If you spend any time in a coffee shop and wonder what is that "knock, knock" noise that the baristas keep making, they are tapping out coffee grinds into a knock box.
And that is it for this week!

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