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Monday, 25 June 2018

LBH Weekly Roundup: Bed Bath and Beyond, Wamsutta Sheet Set, Dri Soft Towels, NYX Micro Brow Pencil

Time for another Weekly Roundup!  We all love to crawl into luxurious bed sheets at the end of the day.  For some reason, I go through sheets, especially fitted sheets like the clappers.  The fitted sheets shrink from queen to single size over and over again and the elastic gets worn out.  My linen closet ends up with a huge assortment of mismatched flat sheets and nary a fitted sheet to be found.  A trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond was in order.

I was thrilled to pick up this Wamsutta sheet set.  I've washed the fitted sheet a couple of times now and, thus far, no shrinkage.  It was on sale and with the ubiquitous BBB coupon, the final price was a real deal.  While there, I also picked up a set of Dri Soft towels.

I am obsessed with these towels.  My old towels would take up to 3 hours to dry in the tumble dryer.  Living in a condo, I am unable to line dry towels outdoors.  The towels would take forever to dry in the bathroom and, inevitably, end up with that awful musty smell.  The Dri Soft towels dry in a flash in the tumble dryer (20 minutes) and come out fluffy and soft.  They are light weight but still feel cozy and dense against the skin.  If you are on a budget and watching your electricity bills or even if you are environmentally conscious, these towels are a real boon.
Lastly, I hit pan on my e.l.f brow palette a long time ago and all that was left was a ring around the pan.  I am not sure if it was because the product was getting old but I noticed that it just wasn't lasting for very long on my brows.  I swear the product would just evaporate or get absorbed into my skin within an hour.  It was time to switch to something new.  I have heard that the NYX micro brow pencil is a good dupe for the iconic Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil so I picked up the NYX pencil yesterday.

Like the Anastasia brow pencil, it has a spoolie on one end and a thin twist up pencil on the other.  I had forgotten about the convenience of using a twist up pencil rather than a cream or wax in a pan formula that requires a separate brush.  Travel-wise, this is a great option.  Do any of you own both the NYX pencil and the Anastasia pencil or have tried both?  How do they stake up against each other?

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