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Thursday, 19 July 2018

How To Pick The Right Ceiling Light Fixture For Your Space

The very first time I decided to change the ceiling light fixtures in my home,  all I cared about was how they looked.  Fast forward several years, tack on a number of lifestyle changes and my criteria has lengthened considerably.  I have written before on my odyssey to change out the light fixtures in my home here,  and it was time to change out another.  The impetus came when a certain someone broke one of the glass shades on the ceiling light fixture in the kitchen.

You will see that the top right light is missing its shade.  This fixture has been a particular bugbear of mine for years.  It was chosen by a real estate agent, not me.  The glass shades have a tendency to pop off whenever the lightbulbs need to be replaced.  The lightbulbs themselves are not readily available and are expensive to replace.  Actually trying to insert the lightbulbs is a nightmare.  Add in the fact that now we have two disabled people and there are sad faces all around.  I drew up a list of criteria in my search for another ceiling light fixture that might be of help to you.

Consider What Room The Ceiling Light Fixture Is Going In

My new light fixture is going in to the kitchen.  It is a small kitchen with standard height ceilings.  I have decided that I prefer a light that gives off 360 degree lighting.  Spot lights create areas of darkness which we find annoying.  A kitchen needs to be well lit as it is a workspace.  There is no room for a breakfast nook so there is no requirement for ambient lighting.  The lights in the fumehood create a sufficient amount of task lighting.

Consider Ceiling Height

I am obsessed with Sputnik light fixtures and would put one in every single room if I could.  Those of you who are long time readers of mine know of my love for the Sputnik light fixture.  However, with standard height ceilings, this is impossible.

via Amazon.ca

Ask yourself if it is going over a dining table or a stairwell?  What is the maximum drop?  How tall are the people in your home?  Are you putting it in your foyer and will people be bumping their foreheads into it as soon as they walk through the front door?

Consider The Style And Decor Of The Room

My kitchen has a lot of matte stainless steel and the rest of the home has ceiling light fixtures in brushed nickel.  So even though my tastes have changed and I was leaning towards matte black and oil rubbed bronze,  I opted for something in brushed nickel.  In a small home, I think it is important that there be a sense of continuity and flow as one moves from space to space.  There is a round drum light in the foyer and I wanted an echo of that shape in the kitchen.  Also, I have a lot of vintage items on display but still wanted a modern feel.

via Amazon.ca

I love the edgy industrial feel of this light fixture.  I think it provides a nice fusion between a vintage vibe and a modern aesthetic.  

Consider Light Bulbs And Accessibility

I really wanted a light fixture that took Type A bulbs plus it would be easy to access whenever the bulbs needed to be changed.  I read the reviews on the one that I finally picked and one reviewer said he picked it for his mother who was elderly and had difficulty reaching up to change the bulbs.  Sold!  The fixture above is pictured with Edison light bulbs to enhance the industrial feel but it will take any Type A bulb. Compare the one above to the one below.

via Amazon.ca

I have a ceiling light fixture in the living room that is very similar to the one above.  I have to snake my arm up, over and down to change the light bulb, all the while teetering on a chair.  The bowl-like shade can't be removed so it has become a graveyard for dead insects.  Viewed from below, all I can see is a growing mound of ghostly little shadows.  Believe me when I say that the living room ceiling light is the next one to be replaced.

Consider Your Budget  

I had a couple of gift cards burning a hole in my pocket so I knew what my budget was.  It is very easy to get carried away and blow your renovation budget just on fancy lighting.  I took my time and bookmarked the one I wanted.  It was slightly over my budget but when it went on sale during an Amazon Prime Day, I whisked it into my cart and through checkout.

I hope this checklist was of some help to you.  Please add any useful tips you might have in the comments below.

This is not a sponsored post.

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