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Sunday, 16 April 2017

LBH Weekly Roundup: Shopping At Marshalls, Roots Tote Bag

Happy Easter!  Spring has finally sprung and the weekend has been wonderfully sunny.  Can you believe that just a short while ago we had a day of constant snowfall?  The warmer weather reminded me that I was in dire need of a new pair of sandals.  My current pair are completely thrashed.  I don't have a lot of luck thrifting shoes.  They are either a poor fit or don't fulfill my needs (hello blisters!).  I tried and tried and then finally realized that I was just going in circles wasting time, energy and transportation costs.  And in the meantime, my poor feet were suffering.  Instead of living a simpler life, I was complicating it and generating a lot of stress and frustration. So, I decided to drop into Marshalls for the first time.  It is a US based offprice department store, quite similar to Winners.  I wonder if they are sister companies as the price stickers are almost identical.  Usually, I avoid such places as the miles of jumbled up racks and I find having to dig for a fashion bargain to be quite offputting  But this time, it was a quick and easy experience. If I go in with a specific shopping list and stick to it, then it is painless and enjoyable.  Strange how I don't mind hunting the racks at a thrift store but dislike the experience in a retail setting.  I suppose that, when I do shop retail, and yes, in my book, an offprice department store still counts as retail, then I want it to be a proper retail experience.  My trip was a success as I scored this pair of sandals.  

They have a comfy shock absorbing rubber sole but the gold and silver beads on the stretchy elastic band give them a bit of bing and lift them up from old lady walking shoe territory.  And you know what?  I felt such a feeling of gratitude and appreciation when I brought home this one pair of sandals that I really needed.  And that to me, is the essence of intentional spending.
Speaking of thrifting attempts,  here is one attempt that paid off in spades.  I scored a preloved Roots tote bag this past week.  If you grew up in Canada, you may recall when monogrammed Roots bags were all the rage.  Oh, how I wanted one!  But I was a poor university student at the time and could only lust from afar.  Imagine my delight when I spotted this vintage beauty.

Look at that shell pink "C"!  It was meant to be.  It has lots of interior side pockets (I do love a pocket) and is the size, not too cumbersome nor too impractically small.   
So bring on Spring!  I am ready.

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