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Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Beginning

A journey begins with taking the first step .  And the first step with L’Heure Bleue At Home began with the realization that I could paint Grandma’s Dresser and make it into something I loved.  Let me backtrack a little.  My parents are practical people.  They never painted or renovated any of the many houses that they lived in.  They just fit themselves into the past lives of the previous occupants.  Inadvertently, that became my modus operandi.  My life became filled with furniture I disliked, fixtures and fittings that niggled at the corners of my mind.  My mother foisted all of the furniture she had no use for on to me which included Grandma’s Dresser.  It was a hideous monstrosity of faux country awfulness.  It lived like a carbuncle on my life.  My mother refused to take it back, all the while filling me with guilt for wanting to get rid of it.  Finally, it dawned on me that I had the power to transform it.  So I painted it a pure white and added lovely, sparkling carved crystal knobs.  What a revelation.  Hampered as I am with a budget that is so tiny that you would need a microscope to see it and no Mister to lend knowhow and muscle, the dam had broke and there was no stopping me.   I was bewildered by the plethora of styles, colours and textures laid out before me.  Did I like mid-century modern, French country or rustic?  Dark colours or light?  So let’s start this journey of self-discovery.  Care to follow along?

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