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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream – The Good Life

The Good Life, that’s what everyone wants, every minute of every day, yes? But that doesn’t happen except in dreams. At the end of a long, weary day, when one is blind with exhaustion, there is nothing better than to slide into a bed piled high with luxurious linens. And my bed, to me, symbolizes the good life. Sleeping in on the weekends or whenever possible, breakfast in bed, propped up reading my favourite books and magazines, that is the height of the good life. My bed is a modern version of a sleigh bed which I bought after sleeping ignominiously for a goodish while on a mattress on the floor. My very old hand-me-down bed had collapsed in the middle of the night (due to old age, I assure you, not due to excessive weight or, er, any sort physical exertion). I saved and saved for the new bed and mattress, all the while sleeping on that hideous single mattress on the floor. Then came the linen shopping. I dabbled in various coloured linens and even patterns over the years but have lately developed a love affair for snowy white. There is something marvelously soothing and calming about the colour white. I found that, when constructing a monochromatic bed sanctuary, the trick is to layer textures to avoid that dreaded hospital connotation. I have a quilt with an intricate stitched pattern, quilted pillow covers and cushions.
I shopped around for quality sheets with a high thread count and found them at Pottery Barn. What’s not to love about tailored sheets that come tied in white grosgrain ribbon? And let me tell you, sliding between them for the first time, I thought I heard the Heavenly Choir singing. I could have wept for those lost years sleeping wrapped in what seems now to be coarse sackcloth. Ah, my bed, my sanctuary, my little piece of Heaven on Earth.
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About Vintage French Hen said...

Your bed is gorgeous and so is your bedding! Just found your blog through Beach Cottage, I look forward to visiting you in the future. I'm taking a little beak from blogging, but love to visit!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Lovely! Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas!

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