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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Introducing Mister Long Life

Let me introduce you to Mr. Long Life, of the Electrohome Long Lives, the newest member of L’heure Bleue At Home. I spotted him sitting in a box at the thrift store alongside other relics of the past such as a macramé plant hanger and orangey brown carved candles. I was there to make a donation and get rid of stuff, not cart home more stuff. But I couldn’t get Mr. Long Life out of my mind. I circled the store once, maybe thrice. I wasn’t thinking vintage fan as much as I was thinking James Bond, Sean Connery as James Bond, Dr. No, sweltering island heat , blazing sun, sitting on the porch of some rickety beach shack and the only breeze coming from Mr. Long Life.
So I go to a sales clerk and say, “Could you price this fan for me?” He comes back with a highish price but, still, it’s not too bad. Then he plugs it in.
“Hmm, only one speed?”
Laughter ensues. “Miss, this is a very old fan.”
I must say that I do love being called “Miss” even though I have left the “Miss” stage a long time ago. But I digress.

I cart home Mr. Long Life and spend an hour cleaning out what looks like the remnants of a bird’s nest from the cage. “I have made a stupid mistake”, thinks I. Then I plug it in. All I hear and see is the sad, slow thump of the engine and limping whir of the blades. “Nooooo, but it worked fine in the store!” Right, I will give this geezer another chance before turning him into an art installation titled “Home for Birds”. And that’s when I find out the secret of Mr. Long Life. He’s like the little engine that could. It takes a while for him to get going as if he needs to build up his self-confidence. But once he does, he roars away like a tornado, to the point where I am worried that he will jump and hop right off the edge and on to the floor. He’s had a neglected life but now he has a home in his dotage. Mister Long Life indeed.
A special shout out to A Vintage French Henwho was the very first to comment on L'Heure Bleue At Home and is my very first follower as well! It was like Christmas morning and getting a present that I didn't know I wanted until I saw it.
I'm linking up to Coastal Charm and Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays.


Kim said...

Awesome piece of vintage chic. I'm so happy to have found your wonderful blog. I'm your newest follower. Stop by for a visit sometime.

Dana Bishop said...

I love vintage fans. So far I have 2 nice old ones and 1 Vornado from Restoration Hardware that is a reproduction. I love the way you write about Mr. Longlife. Thanks for sharing~

Blessings, Dana

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