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Monday, 5 June 2017

30 Day Wellness Challenge Day 5: Waking Up Earlier and Philips Wake Up Light

The flip side of improved sleeping habits, which was Day Two's task, is being able to rise earlier.  I am a self-confessed night owl.  Getting up early or on time has always been a challenge for me.  And lately, after a night tossing and turning in pain, dragging myself out of bed in the morning has become a Herculean task.  In my quest to get up a cock crow, I tried staying up all night.  I know, crazy huh?  I figured that my sleep was so crappy that I might as well try foregoing it altogether.   I lasted until 3 am and the next day was a zombie.  Then I tried getting up at 5 am.  I did manage to get up at that horrendous hour, only to have to listen to Monsieur's vociferous complaints at disturbing the household.  To be fair, I was feeling at a bit of a loose end and decided I might as well fill in the time until the sun rose by doing various household chores.  This was a mistake.  There is no point in doing the dishes at 5 am and feeling smugly virtuous about it only to be faced with a barrage of bitter recriminations later.
Anyway, I will say that my Phillips Wake Up Light has been a wonder in helping me to get up.  I have the older cone shaped model but I think the round shaped newer model is even better as the shape is even more "sun-like." It simulates a sunrise, glowing a reddish orange a half hour before the alarm goes off.  The glow steadily gets stronger so that by the time the alarm does off (you have a choice of bird song, the radio and elevator type music), your body is ready for it.

via amazon.ca

No more being jolted awake by a horrid, screeching alarm.  The Wake Up Light provides a gentle glide towards consciousness.
Stay tuned for more Wellness Challenges!

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