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Sunday, 25 June 2017

LBH Weekly Roundup: Finding the Perfect Nude Lipstick, bareMinerals, Pixi by Petra, Too Faced

I noticed that my alltime favourite lipstick by Too Faced was due to be replaced.  A visit to my nearest Sephora store revealed a calamity.  The La Creme Color Drenched lipsticks had disappeared off the shelves with only the liquid lipsticks available for purchase in person.  My lipstick of choice, Spice Spice Baby, was now only available online.  Ahhh!!!  I know that shopping online is de rigueur these days but, for makeup, I really enjoy going in to a store, wandering the aisles and testing out new products. So the hunt was on for a duplicate.

bareMinerals Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick in XOX

First, I purchased bareMinerals Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick in XOX.  I had been curious about the Gen Nude line for a long time and this was as good a time as any to finally try out a mineral based lipstick.  It has a slightly darker berry tone than the Too Faced lipstick and has a slicker, less creamy feel to it.  It doesn't have much of a scent.  The only problem is that, because it is darker than my lips, eventually I get that eaten off, ring around my lips look which I find quite naif.  This was a bit disappointing as I remembering dithering between XOX and Love, which is a slightly brighter berry tone, for a very long time.  If you know a way to prevent this, please let me know!

Pixi by Petra in Honey Bare

Next, I purchased Pixi by Petra's Matte Lustre lipstick in Honey Bare.  This was another brand that I had been curious about for a really long time.  When Shoppers (Canadian pharmacy) decided to carry it, I was very excited.  Because it is a demi or matte lustre lipstick, you get the matte look that is so trendy right now but the comfortable moisturizing feel of a traditional lipstick.  The only drawback to this one was that I would get this weird tingling feeling on the sides of my tongue every time I licked my lips.  Have you ever experienced a reaction like this?  It didn't last for too long but was disconcerting.  Also, I found that the lipstick clung to every flaky bit on my lips which is not a good look.  So it is important that your lips are moisturized and exfoliated beforehand.  The lipstick comes packaged in a cellophane wrapper.  I am not sure if the lipstick had been sitting on the shelf for a long time but when I unwrapped it, the cellophane disintegrated into a million little bits which clung to my fingers like superglue.  The initial scent, after I had scrubbed my hands under the tap which was the only way I could get rid of the plastic bits (can't be good for the environment), was the standard waxy lipstick scent of a masstige product.  So, I wasn't impressed at first.  I've since warmed up to it though now that I have figured out how to work with it.
Here are all three lipsticks lined up.

L to R: bareMinerals, Pixi by Petra, Too Faced
Here is a swatch.

L to R: Too Faced, bareMinerals, Pixi by Petra

As you can see, the colours are very close.  I will probably go ahead and order another Too Faced lipstick as I don't want to be without my favourite but it is good to know that I have backup in the other ones.  I love the yummy sugary sweet scent Too Faced's lipsticks and the colour of Spice, Spice Baby is the perfect nude shade for me.  Do you have favourite makeup items that you just can't give up?

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