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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

30 Days to Wellness Challenge Day 27: Picking the Right Office and Desk Chair for You

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At first glance, you would not think that the furniture in our homes ought to be included in our drive towards wellness.  Several years back, I was involved as a passenger in a car accident.  Cue months of physiotherapy and I soon came to realize how important it was to have furniture, especially office/desk chairs, that suited my needs.  Even though I am now recovered, I still think that proper office chairs for working long hours at a desk is a necessity.  They help support the back and legs and stave off fatigue and cramping.  The one pictured above is a gaming/racing style but don't be put off by the name of the style.  Gamers spend a lot of time in a chair so a comfortable chair is a must.  Look for terms such as "ergonomic" and "adjustable."  You want a chair that has as many adjustable features as possible so that you can customize it to suit your body.

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There are so many styles available and they need not be the stereotypical bland desk chair of old.  I like the one above as it has a mesh back so, visually, it has a lighter look.  Bonus is that the mesh back helps keeps you from feeling overheated.

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They don't have to come in standard issue black either.  This white Eames replica aluminum chair has a wonderful modern contemporary look to it.  At the very basic level, height adjustment is key.  Ask yourself whether you require head support or adjustable versus fixed arm rests, padded versus hard arm rests, fixed or adjustable back.  Functionality first, then looks.
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And this luxury executive chair by HomCom even has a retractable footrest!

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Years later, I still use my ergonomic chair every single day when working at my desk and would never dream of using any other type of chair.  So for me, I consider it another "lifetime haul purchase" that was made mindfully and intentionally.

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