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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

30 Days to Wellness Challenge Day 28: Choosing The Right Task Lighting For You

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Back when I was a poor student, I rented the attic room in a boarding house.  Because it was the attic room, the rent was slightly less than the other rooms.  At the time, I thought I was getting a great deal.  I had the whole of the attic to myself.  It wasn't until the end of the school year that I realized that I had not gotten such a great bargain after all.  There was only one tiny window at one end.  The room which was panelled in dark laminate and had dark carpeting was in perpetual gloom even if all the lights were on.  I would get severe headaches after long bouts of sitting at my desk.  Eventually I realized the headaches were caused by the constant squinting.  With all the studying I was doing, I ended up permanently damaging my eyesight.  Ever since, I have been quite anal when it comes to proper task lighting.  So for Day 28, I want to chat a little about proper lighting in the home.  Broadly speaking, there are 2 types of lighting, ambient and task lighting.  I live in a condo and so changing ambient lighting which usually involves ceiling lighting is not really an option.  This challenge is about relatively easy, doable changes so I am going to focus on task lighting which usually involves desk lamps or lighting for specific tasks.  First, think about your desk or work space and whether you believe it to be adequately lit for the tasks you perform at that area.  Do you work there during day or evening hours?  Simple tasks performed for a minimal amount may only require a decorative table lamp that gives off 360 degree light.  However, if you are there for long periods of time, a desk lamp that shines a light focused on your work space or electronic devices might be better suited to your needs.  You may also wish to think about adjustability. OttLite is a highly respected brand and the OttLite Executive Desk Lamp pictured above is an example of a desk lamp designed for task lighting. A rotating shade and and height adjustments mean you can angle it to suit your lighting needs.

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There are so many styles to suit all sorts of needs.  I like this OttLite because it comes with a space saving craft organizer.

Source Image 

I really like this sleek Turcom LED Desk and Table Lamp as it has a USB port, it's dimmable and has a touch sensitive control panel.  The fact that it is LED leads me to another consideration and that is the type of light bulb that the lamp uses.  Ask yourself whether you want the yellowish light of an incandescent bulb or the cooler light given off by an LED or CFL lightbulb. 

Source Image

There are so many styles ranging from traditional to contemporary to choose from, it would be impossible to cover them all.  I am sure we are all familiar with the traditional banker's lamp that is often placed over a piano.  I like this modern interpretation by OttLite pictured above.
I hope this has given you some ideas to tweak your work space so that you are able to work with greater ease and comfort.

This is not a sponsored post.  Some links are affiliate links. 

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